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Somewhere in the World | Details

Track 1: Somewhere in the World

Somewhere in the World

When I finished composing this track I was at odds with what to call it. The album was already going to be called "Somewhere in the World" because each of the tracks on the album was named after a specific location somewhere in the world. But this track stood out, especially because of the unique CGI rendering I had done for the video. These floating islands are magical and mythical, like nothing in the world, but then I thought I could leave it to the imagination of the listener, somewhere in their world, somewhere in the world. So that was it, I decided to name the track after the album. This was the first time I've ever done this. Typically I end up naming the album after one of the tracks.

Track 2: Soames Hill

Soames Hill is a little knob of land that rises out of the ground just south of Gibsons in British Columbia, Canada between the ocean to the West and Mount Elphinstone to the East. It is a regional park with several hiking trails. The entire hill is covered in dense wild west coast temperate rain forest. The only time I've ever been on the hill was when I was a young boy living in Gibsons with my dad. I remember the forest, the beauty, and the spectacular views as seen in the included Panoramio photos to the right. When I do get the chance to visit the Sunshine Coast again Soames Hill is on my list of places to visit, hike, and photograph.

Track 3: Whitetail Trail

Whitetail Trail is a moderately short hiking trail located in Green Lane Park near Green Lane, Pennsylvania. The trail starts as a broad easy to follow path, but then turns into the woods and becomes a little less easy to follow. White blazes painted on the trees allow a hiker to follow the trail without venturing off course. Along the way are a couple of small streams which cascade gently over small drops in the bed rock on their way down to the reservoir. The Panoramio slide show to the left displays pictures of the trail and surrounding nature which I took while I was on previous hikes in the park. This gives some feel for how these surroundings helped to isnpire my composition of this track.

Track 4: Islands of Howe Sound

Howe Sound is the large inlet of water that separates the greater metro Vancouver area from the southern end of the Sunshine Coast, which starts at Langdale and Gibsons and extends up the coast line. Located within the sound are many islands, some large and others small. All in all this area of water and islands is a breathtaking site with mile upon mile of coast line, beaches, rocks, and mountains. The beauty of these islands is stunning! Yet again British Columbia wins with Howe Sound being one of the most beautiful places. I couldn't think of a better place to name this new piece after. The photograph to the right shows the wider open end of Howe Sound and some of the largest islands within it.

Track 5: Glen Onoko

Nestled deep within Pennsylvania is the Lehigh River Gorge. The river cuts its way through the Pocano Mountains here. Of the many small tributary streams that cascade down the steep cliffs of the gorge, Glen Onoko is one of the most notable.Glen Onoko Run cascades nearly 800 vertical feet from its origin to where it reaches the Lehigh River. Along its course it plummets over 2 large cliffs. The tallest one of the two is 55 feet high and creates the whispy Glen Onoko Falls. The smaller but equally impressive Chameleon Falls just further down-stream from the tall falls is 25 feet high. It was very easy to become lost in nature in the Glen Onoko gorge and it was very inspirational to me in the composition of this score. The photographs to the left are but 3 of the over one hundred I took of the falls and Glen Onoko Run that day and posted to my Panoramio account.

Track 6: Homathko River

Starting deep within some of the tallest mountains in the British Columbia coastal range, the glacier water fed Homathko River carries melt water from the tops of these majestic mountains through some of the most breathtaking canyons on the West coast and eventually into the head of the Bute Inlet. The river valley is surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. These enormous peaks stretch from nearly sea level to over ten thousand feet into the sky. This feature allows this area some of the most awesome vertical faces in North America. Hikers can venture through the valley and the foothills for a light afternoon or take the full day and hike up into the mountains to view the glaciers first hand. Rock climbing enthusiasts are sure to have one of their most challenging and rewarding climbs on the faces of these majestic mountains. The Panoramio slide show to the right reveals just some of the amazing sites to be found in the Homathko River valley and surrounding mountains.

Track 7: Great Bear Rainforest

The Great Bear Rainforest is the last remaining widly untouched expanse of natural North American North West rain forest. Located along the Pacific coast of British Columbia Canada, it stretches from Vancouver Island in the South northward along the Sunshine Coast, past the Queen Charlotte Islands, and up to the border between Alaska and British Columbia in the North. The forest, a vastly biodiverse ecosystem, covers an area of approximately 64,000 square Kilometers (24,700 square miles), approximately the size of the US State of West Virginia. The forest florishes with thousands of plant species and hundreds of animal species. Some of the most notable plants are the Western Red Cedar, which can live to be over 1000 years old, and the enormous Sitka Spruce which can tower over 100 meters (330 feet) into the sky. Included in the vast number of creatures that inhabit these woods are the elusive Kermode bear, often refered to as the spirit bear. The Kermode bear is ironically a member of the black bear bear family and is only found in this area of the world. Kermode bears are not albino animals nor are they any more closely related to polar bears or blonde bears than any other member of the global bear family. Other notable animals found in these woods are cougars, wolves, eagles, and grizzly bears.

The Great Bear Rainforest is under constant threat from people who would exploit it for its natural resources and from game hunters. Although steps have been taken to help preserve this vast geographical area, not enough has yet been done to ensure the perpetual conservation of these fragile lands. I could type on forever about this, but I leave it up to you. If you would like to learn more about this beautiful corner of the Earth please visit some or all of the following links and dive in. At the very least you can spread the word, but those who wish can get more involved by donating and / or volunteering their time to help this cause. The Panoramio photographs show many different aspects of the forest from the view of one photographer's journey through the region.

Raincoast Conservation Foundation
Quote from site: "Raincoast is a team of conservationists and scientists empowered by our research to protect the lands, waters and wildlife of coastal British Columbia."

The Rainforest Solutions Project
Quote from site: "The Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia, Canada is the largest intact, coastal temperate rainforest left in the world."

Track 8: Perkiomen Valley

Perkiomen Valley is a large wide valley which carries the Perkiomen creek almost the entire length of Montgomery County in Pennsylvania. The valley starts North-West of Pennsburg, PA and flows roughly South-East through several notable parks including Green Lane Park, Bergy's Mill Park, Central Perkiomen Park, Lower Perkiomen Park, and the Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary before flowing into the Schuylkill River just before Valley Forge National Historic Park. Each of the parks contained within the valley contain multiple hiking trails for enjoying nature. But one of the neat things about the valley is the Perkiomen Trail which allows recreational travel from the Schuylkill River over 20 miles to the other end in Green Lane Park. The Panoramio Photographs to the right reveal serval pictures I have taken from at least two of the parks accessible by the trail.

Track 9: Antelope Canyon

Slot canyons are some of the most mysterious and beautiful natural stone formations in the world. One of the most impressive is Antelope Canyon located just outside of Page, Arizona. The major part of the canyon starts in the desert south of Lake Powell and winds North through the sand stone. During rain storms the canyon quickly collects water and rushes it at high speed towards what used to be Glen Canyon but is today Lake Powell. When I discovered photographs of this remarkable natural feature I immediately became fascinated with it. I poured over hundreds of pictures and read countless articles about it. And then I composed a song to it using echo delays and reverbs to make it sound deep within a canyon. The Panoramio photographs to the left feature just a select few of the hundreds upon hundreds of fantastic photographs visitors have taken during their trips to the canyon. I would recomend looking at more on the Panoramio site.

Track 10: Celestial Dawn Remastered*

Celestial Dawn

Celstial Dawn was a track I composed over a decade ago. It is also available on my Music Storm album. When I composed and produced Celestial Dawn I didn't have the same effects units and synthesizers as I do now. I was listening to it shortly before the release of "Somewhere in the World" and decided it would sound a whole lot more amazing if I remastered it using my current synthesizers and effects units. So I got to it and came up with a beautiful new master of this relaxing track. I am glad I got it done with before the release of my latest album and am pleased to include it as an additional bonus track.

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