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Know Before You Go!

Ward-Studios.com KVM files for Google Earth each feature detailed trails and sometimes other special features such a GPS locations of specific features and park overlays. Simply download the KVM for any park you are interested in and then double click it. Google Earth will automatically open and zoom to the park you have selected and show the features packed into the KVM which includes trails at a minimum.

Google Earth is required to use these features. Google Earth can be downloaded from the official website

Green Lane Park, Green Lane, Pennsylvania

Green Lane Park KMZ (Click for more!)

Plan your Green Lane Park hike or ski and tour the park trails before you even head out the door! This detailed map plan has full Google Earth paths for the Red, Blue, Green Lane Connector, Orange Loop, Hemlock Point, Whitetail Nature, and Perkiomen trails. (Perkiomen Trail only includes the portion in Green Lane, and does not extend south past Crusher Road.) This kit also includes an overlay of the park taken from the April 2011 Pamphlet distributed by the park.

Green Lane Park

Tertrahedron Provincial Park, Sechelt, British Columbia

Tetrahedron Provincial Park KMZ (Click for more!)

This detailed package includes the exact GPS Coordinates and locations of Batchelor Lake, Edwards Lake, Mount Steele, and the remote McNair Lake cabins along with the upper and lower parking areas.

Six Highly detailed Google Earth Paths detail the journey from the upper parking area to each of the 4 cabins, including the winter only routes to Batchelor Lake and Edwards Lake cabins. Also included are a detailed Google Earth Path from the lower parking area to the upper parking area as well as a Google Earth Path showing precise driving directions from Sechelt all the way up to the lower parking area.

Select any path, including the driving directions from Sechelt, and select the Play Tour button to get a guided trip along that path from Google Earth. Start in Sechelt and wind North up the Sechelt Inlet to Tuwanek, and then up the long gorgeous old Grey Creek access logging road with Mount Richardson towering to the left and the deep Grey Creek canyon to the right. Or start at the upper parking area and take the day trip along the winding path up to Mount Steele Cabin near the summit of Mount Steele. All official provincial park trails are included!

Whether exploring the wilderness of the Tetrahedron area from the comfort of a computer chair or actually planning to take a trip to the park to hike or ski, this package will help anyone get to the park and enjoy it's beauty.

Tetrahedrom Provincial Park

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