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New Age, Melodic Trance, and Celtic Music Audio CDs

Somewhere in the World
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Dancing in the Meadows
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Music Storm
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My vision of new age music comes from the vivid memories of the beautiful scenary and nature that was all around me when I was growing up on the Sunshine Coast, A small stretch of coastline from Vancouver to Powell River in the province of British Columbia, Canada. The beautiful sunsets over the straight of Georgia, the majestic mountains, Richardson, Elphenstone, Steele, Panther Peak, and Tetrahedron Peak rising into the sky, The pure beauty of Howe Sound, and the rich lush redwood rainforests all around. Thoughts of these awesome places run through my mind like a slide show or a video, and in turn embed themselves into my music. I grew up listening to and loving great new age musicians, some popular and mainstream, and others not so much. Ray Lynch has definitely been one of my favorites and has helped influence my work the most. Other fantastic new age musicians such as Yanni, Enya, David Lanz, Robert Miles, Mike Oldfield, Gnomusy, Nobuo Uematsu, and James Horner just to name a few have also helped sculpt my love of music and influence me as I developed my own unique style.

Strongest Influences: Yanni, Ray Lynch, James Horner, Enya, Robert Miles, Nobuo Uematsu, Animusic

For lovers of: Upbeat New Age, Celtic, Melodic Trance, Symphony Orchestra, Animusic.

For fans of: Yanni, Ray Lynch, Enya, James Horner, Robert Miles, David Lanz, The Cynic Project, Vangelis, Animusic, and countless countless other artists in the same and similar genres.

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